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The Brewhouse Award 2019.

Compete for SEK 20,000, business coaching, marketing, mentoring and other profits that will bring you to fruition.

The Brewhouse Award is the competition that puts creative invention, culture and diversity in focus. We know that it is possible to change, develop and improve the world with the power of the cultural and creative industries*. Furthermore, we know that it's possible to create profitability, business value and innovation in these areas. That's why we annually host The Brewhouse Award; Sweden's most
innovative idea and innovation competition.

* Architecture • Design • Film • Photo • Art • Cultural Heritage • Literature • Media and market communication • Fashion • Music • Meal • Performing arts • Craft • Game development • Experience-based learning

Competition Categories

Young Innovation

An open and genre-wide category for ideas. This category is for you who are between 15-20 years old. Do you have an idea for a product? Do you want to revolutionize an industry? Or perhaps you have come up with an idea for a service that no one can live without! All ideas are welcome!

Sustainable Innovation

An open and genre-wide category for those who have an idea or innovation in game development, music, design, fashion or any other creative industry. The focus is on sustainable thinking that aims to meet the current and future challenges. You must be 20 or older to be able to compete in this category.

Music Innovation

We are looking for the song that will crown Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary! Music Innovation is the category where songwriters compete for the honourable mission of creating the soundtrack for Gothenburg’s big anniversary in 2021. Modern or classic? You decide.

Music Innovation is a collaboration between Gothenburg & Co and Brewhouse.

Read more about details, dates, awards, jury and more at https://brewhouse.se/the-brewhouse-award

Prices and awards are presented continuously on www.brewhouse.se until the final gala on January 31, 2020.

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