Our Manifesto

For us, it really doesn't matter what you do – if your idea is big or small, if it's a hobby or a universal game changer. As long as you believe that your idea contributes to a smarter society, we want to hear all about it.

Our mission is to reduce the threshold for creative entrepreneurs to take their idea one step further and to remove the complexity connected to business development. With an ever-growing network of creators, creatives and investors – expanding both across Sweden and the globe – we pride ourselves in being community leaders for the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI). We aim to use our own experiences as entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and creatives to empower and help the community around us.

Therefore we invite anyone that identifies themselves as an idea bearer to join us. Maybe you're still only dabbling with the thought of entrepreneurship – we don't care! As long as you have a great idea, we would love to hear more from you.

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Our process



What would activate you and your great idea?

Maybe you just need help finalizing your ideation phase; maybe you don't know what to do next; maybe you need a prototype or a demo to test it out? We know how it feels to feel stuck and alone in the process. Don't fret – we are here to help.



What's next? How can your idea grow and accelerate?

Maybe you're through the ideation phase and have a working prototype already; maybe your business is already up and running. We have the tools to help you with some serious business development. Get ready for your idea to take over the world!



The sweet entrepreneur life. Now what?

You got your growing business and are enjoying the start-up life. But what's next? Together with our friends, partners, and network, we help you elevate your start-up into a sustainable business that can keep influencing the world for decades ahead.

Our History

We started the first incubator for the intersection between Technology and the Cultural and Creative Industries in Sweden.

Today, we are co-founders of Sweden's biggest network of CCI incubators and accelerators.

xPlot's journey started in 2012 with the creation of The Creative Plot – Sweden's first incubator for the intersection between tech and the CCI. Located inside of a tech incubator at Ideon Innovation in Lund, The Creative Plot focused its efforts on the intersectional and multidisciplinary. Almost a decade of work later, we have compiled all of our experiences, experiments, and encounters into xPlot.

Re-organized from The Creative Plot in 2018, our structure is formulated around four founding principles:

1. Cross-collaboration – a fierce belief in the multidisciplinary.

2. Co-entrepreneurship the recognition of risk and a willingness to work together.

3. Co-learning  believing that we can all learn valuable skills from each other.

4. Mobility  adapting to the inherent difficulties of the CCI to be mobile, flexible, and creative in our way of work.

With several academic studies based on our work, including research from the Copenhagen Business School, Monterrey University, and Lund's own Sten K. Johnson School of Entrepreneurship, we have a steadfast belief in our core values and can't wait to share our experiences with our community.

Today, we are co-founders of the member-driven organization creARTive that is also part of the European Creative Business Network. Founded in 2019, creARTive organizes the multidisciplinary incubators for the Cultural and Creative Industries in Sweden. We are also the national partner for the Creative Business Network: a global venture which organizes entrepreneurs mentors, business coaches and investors from over 80 countries.

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Our timeline in space


The Creative Plot

The Creative Plot was one of Sweden's first incubators for the CCI; a hub where the creative sector developed strong and experimental ideas together with academia and corporations.

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An office on wheels, Barcamper traveled through Skåne to help 82 entrepreneurs develop their business ideas further. With an international team, we minimized the search for business resources, instead delivering them straight to their user.

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Fast Forward

Fast Forward helped accelerate start-ups from southern Sweden to an international market. During 365 days, 9 startups collaborated closely to launch a network plan and an exhibition in central Berlin.

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The Creative Tour

In 2018, Barcamper was re-organized into The Creative Tour, with a mission of reducing the threshold for creative entrepreneurs and bringing the resources needed for success closer to their community.

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Future by Lund

An innovation platform,
Future by Lund promotes innovation for the smart and sustainable cities of the future, to enhance and uplift the already existing innovation culture in Lund, Sweden.

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xPlot culminates all of our previous experiences, experiments, and encounters. Together with an expansive network, we help activate, accelerate, and elevate creative business ideas. Join us – we're just getting started!

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Entrepreneurial learning in venture accelerator programs


To better understand experiential learning processes of entrepreneurs in the context of venture acceleration programs.

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This is The Creative Plot


A documentation of TPC organic nature and itsfundamental principles

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Don't sit on it!


A study of what no longer can be called incubation.

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