At xPlot, we give you the tools to grow and expand your business ideas in a start-up ecosystem.

Start-up ecosystem

Great ideas don't exist in a vacuum –and neither should yours.

At xPlot, we give you the tools to grow and expand your business ideas in a start-up ecosystem. It doesn’t matter what problems you are facing; big or small, technical or financial – we have the resources to help you solve it. Connect to start-ups who are in the same position as you, learn from your fellow peers and like-minded thought leaders; get coaching and mentorship from investors and marketing professionals, and get the opportunity to showcase your ideas in front of an international audience in our Creative Business Cup.

You have the idea – we have the resources. Let’s get to work!

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We know the power of entrepreneurship; of taking action to make change in the world, whether big or small. As we’re sure you know, too, entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. It is uncertain, and in many cases – especially in the midst of a global pandemic – scary.

At xPlot, we understand that fear. The fear of failure; of venturing out into the unknown. Whether you are a freelance illustrator or the founder of a retail company, whether your idea is just a post-it note or a full-scale sustainable business, our network understands what you are going through.

Join us; we know the power of good ideas – and trust us, we get it.

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Creative Business Cup 2021

Join our international competition to grow your brilliant idea!

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Creative Business Network

Make a global impact together with an ever-expanding international network.

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Get connected with local and international business angels and investors to take your idea one step further.

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Coaching & Mentorship

Get ready to learn from our talented network of creatives, one-on-one coaching right at your fingertips.

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Improve your chances of success in the Swedish network of incubators for the CCI, creARTive.

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Creative Business Network

We believe that the Cultural and Creative Industries have the skillset to find innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges; and we want to give your ideas the attention they deserve. By aiming to be a constant and dynamic source of information and inspiration, our Creative Business Network champions the creative industries. With partners all over the world, we impact the global economy and the global culture. Join us to share it with us: world domination at your fingertips.

Investment Opportunities

We trust that humans are our greatest asset and we believe that early-stage investments are a great way to reap the benefits that your idea can bring to society. We want to bring you the resources you need to accelerate your idea to the next level. That’s why we are closely connected to local and international business angels and investors that share our vision.

Join us – and our network can be yours!

Business Coaching & Mentorship

If you are on the hunt for a mentor or business coach that knows the Creative Industry inside and out, look no further! With a network consisting of mentors, business coaches, and entrepreneurs from over 80 countries, we at xPlot are confident that we can help you find a good fit. Together we can help find the entry point to a whole network of resources that can help make your venture a success. Matchmaking for entrepreneurs.

creARTive Incubators

xPlot is a co-founder of the member-driven organization creARTive. Founded in 2019, creARTive organizes the multidisciplinary incubators for art and creative industries in Sweden. With 11 member incubators* located all across the country – from Lund in the south to Piteå in the north – creARTive connects to a network of over 400 companies and entrepreneurs. On top of that, the creARTive community encapsulates a whole bunch of skilled coaches and mentors, with lots of experience and know how from the Creative Industries.

Meet some of our mentors, jurors & partners

Jonas Fischer

Jonas Fischer is an investor and entrepreneur from Hamburg. After working as a theatre director for several years, he focused on culture & media management. Since 2018, he is responsible for business development at VRHAM! festival for virtual reality art. His own VC company Frühstarter, invests in various companies, ranging from hotels to fintech or medical devices. They also consult startups, especially in the creative sector.

Emelie Johansson

Emelie is a professional dancer/performer working in Performing Arts since 1998. Performing & touring worldwide with e.g. Marina Abramovic, managing projects, mentoring young artists and contributing to artistic research. She has a long experience of creative processes, as starting off with an idea, finding funding, planning & turning it into a format relevant for the audience. At SITE she works with coaching artists in the incubator "Project Room", developing & funding projects and Nordic collaborations.

Rosa Rydahl

Since 2015, she has been a driving force in the development of a non-monetary support system for actors in the arts, culture and innovation at Stenkrossen. She has a past as a filmmaker in documentaries, music and performing arts. Rosa has taught at the BAU School of Design, Barcelona, in audiovisual creation and cultural criticism. She was part of the creation of Spain's first research group in design and social change in 2012-13 - GreDiTS.

Mikael Kotanidis

Mikael is a marketing professional and entrepreneur with wide knowledge from the marketing industry with more than 25 years experience. Mikael works with large and start up company's helping them to grow their business focusing on marketing strategy, campaign execution and client development. Currently Mikael works as Account Director and partner at

Maria E Larsson

Entrepreneur with several years of experience working with the cultural and creative industries in their international ventures, primarily within the Chinese market. Currently Head of Innovation at Tourism in Skåne and passionate about the crossroad where business, the creative industries and innovation meet.

Maria Lindblom

Through many years of experience as a business advisor and global business developer at Almi and Business Sweden, Maria has coached more than 3000 start-and scale-up companies. She also spent 10 years at the Regional Development office working on strategic policy development with a focus on regional collaboration and management to strengthen innovative capacity. Maria is passionate about collaboration and integrating design thinking. Maria current works at Ideon Innovation.

Rob Haans

Rob has been an athlete for over 40 years with Judo and Ju Jitsu as main competitive sports. In his long career as an elite athlete Rob has managed to win 3 World Championships, 2 European Championships and 2 World Games Gold. Today Rob is coaching elite athletes from different sports and is working as The National Team Coach for the Swedish Ju Jitsu Team. In his time as coach the team has won over 85 Championship medals which made this the most successful period of the Team today.

Cathrin Frisemo

Cathrin Frisemo is as a sweat equity investor sharing her knowledge and expertise with startups and scaleups. She’s the former vice chair of NFBAN, Nordic Female Business Angel Network. As an entrepreneur, mentor and author her major focus is the digital working life and with a special interest in leadership, creativity and health. Cathrin initiated Women In Tech International (WITI) – Swedish Chapter, as part of her engagement in women entrepreneurship and how to increase women in tech startups.

Joakim Sandström

En del av mina specialområden är: Socialt Företagande med hur man kan hjälpa den som står längst ifrån arbetsmarknaden till sysselsättning. Regeringsuppdrag inom Hjärnkoll där uppgiften var att påverka samhällets syn på psykisk ohälsa & fördomar. Samt verksamhetsledning på Kulturhus med att skapa ett brett kulturutbud för stadens innevånare och visa på hur viktigt KKN näringen är för samhället i stort.

Diamanto Politis

She is also visiting scholar at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She has a particular research interest in entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship education, the commercialisation of new technology, and the dynamics of learning in entrepreneurial systems of innovation.

Niccolò Sanarico

Niccolòs focus is on investing in digital startups at the seed stage, with particular interest in medtech, welfare-tech and B2B/SaaS/AI. Head of dealflow at dpixel, a startup advisory company based in Milan, Italy.

Marlene Johansson

Researcher at Umeå School of Business and CEO of eXpression Umeå. Dissertated in 2012 and researched new business models, innovation, entrepreneurship in industry conversions and innovation support for new and creative industries. Served as director of Sliperiet at Umeå University, an innovation and development environment and interdisciplinary meeting place between art, science, technology, 3Dlab and Softlab.

Sara Lönnroth

Sara Lönnroth has been the operations manager for Transit Culture Incubator since 2009. She has 18 years of experience working with professional artists to develop their artistic activities.

Katarina Scott

Katarina has over 25 years’ experience within the cultural and creative sector, private sector, education and municipality. Her background is as an economist but her passions are value driven entrepreneurship and coaching and she is a serial entrepreneur.

Anu-Katriina Perttunen

Supports cross-sectoral, forward-looking business activity with an emphasis on creative competence. She believes in open-minded networking and joint development of new solutions with new surprising partners. She focuses on supporting cross-sectoral collaboration and wider use of creative competencies, new value creation and new business models.

Luca Tesauro

Founder of Innovation Giffoni Innovation Hub and manager within the creative industries. He dedicated his life to the arts, intuitions, the freedom to create value and experimentation with cultures.

Anders Dahlin

VD Foodimpex International och investerare/affärsängel till flera bolag samt ägare till Dahlin Business Partner. Som coach: analytisk, ärlig och entreprenörisk /nytänkande (allergisk mot förvaltande….)

Björn Englund

Björn is founder and investment manager of I Love Lund, which invests in companies with a relevance towards the upcoming Golden Decades of Lund. Today’s start-ups will be unicorns of the future – and we want you all. Björn has many years of fund management, analysis and advisory experience. Björn loves squash, Markowitz, performance – and Lund.

Anne-Sofie Ericsson

Managing Director for SITE since January 2012. Educated at the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm and most recently from Dansens Hus in Oslo where she worked as administrative manager for four years. Previous workplaces are the National Theater, Gothenburg Opera's Dance Company and the Cullberg Ballet. She was artistic director for NordScen - Nordic Center for the Performing Arts in Copenhagen 2003-2007. Anne-Sofie is also a certified coach and mentor.

Martin Q Larsson

Inkubatorchef Klump Subtopia Specialområden Konst och kreativa näringar, organisationer, integration