Let's go xplore!

For us it really doesn't matter what you do, if your idea is big or small, if it's a hobby or a universal game changer - as long as you believe that your idea contributes to a smarter society, we want to hear all about it. Our mission is to reduce the threshold for entrepreneurs to get going with developing their ideas and to remove the complexity connected to business development.

Therefore we invite anyone that identifies themselves as idea bearers and entrepreneurs or people in startups or small/medium companies who has great ideas in stock to join us as we are just getting started for take off.



We help you activate your idea and creativity and get you through the ideation phase and get started with the first steps. Maybe you need a prototype or a demo before you get going to next step? What would activate you and your idea?



Maybe you already have a concrete idea and a prototype. Maybe you'r already up and running and making money and wanna find what the best path would be best fit for You to expand Your view and do some serious business development!



You got your business, a solid idea and know exactly what and when to do it. But how do you get there and what do you need to get there? Together with our friends, partners and network we help you elevate your business to the next level.

We work with xPlot

It may seem like a small team. We know.

But you haven't met our network! So keep your eyes open as we would like to grow together with you.


Lars Mattiasson

+46 766 109 573



+46 768 564 763

We love to talk to you!

Send us a line or two, come over for a coffee or simply just send us your plan for world domination!

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